Tellingstones is the proposal of Espereal Technologies to better know and experience cities and territories, museums and events, especially in the current phase of the covid-19 emergency.

In today’s competitive market, the attention of tourists and visitors is the most critical resource.

Engagement requires accurate profiling of target addressed and personalized experiences.

Based on the points above, we developed Tellingstones, our engagement solutions, based on innovative technologies and an original narrative approach, designed for residents and to welcome and accompany tourists and visitors with quality stories and suggestions.

Tellingstones includes a “meta-app”, available on the stores (Apple/Android), that automatically connects to local communities, and a software platform, dedicated to cities, associations, tour guides, museums, restaurants, hotels, B&B, free and immediately available.

Tellingstones works wherever it is adopted and supported by local operators, to make it easy, immediate and safe, to move, book and access available services, to enjoy what a city can offer, without handling cash, tickets, credit cards or local circuit cards

Download the App

Download the Tellingstones app and customize it by requesting one or more Cards.

Secure, unique and anonymous, choose your cards to be connected with with local services, events and communities you follow.